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The "Just" Lists will be sent JUST the recipes from my lists over the years. Lots of great articles with recipes have been posted to my lists since 1998...but sometimes it is hard to find JUST the recipes when you are looking for something to make! These lists solve that...

[NOTE: These lists are not meant to run concurrently with my original lists. I will not be posting the recipes shared NOW in articles on the original lists; these will not be posted until later. I will be posting recipes from old articles AS WELL AS the single recipes I will be posting on the original lists. So, if you really love soups and stews (or any other duplicated category)'ll want to join the "Just" list as well as the Original List!]

Most of the list topics are fairly self-explanatory.



For yeast breads, shaped breads, bread machine breads, quick breads, muffins, scones, flat breads....even recipes using already-baked bread!



All types of desserts: cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, candy, fruit-based, custards, etc....all manner of sweet treats!

Just Fruits-N-Veggies
Recipes starring fruits and/or vegetables (may or may not be fully vegetarian).

Recipes starring all grains and/or all legumes (including beans, lentils, and peas).

Recipes that can be the star of the meal: flesh, fish, or fowl recipes...and meatless main dishes as well!

Can't get enough pasta? We'll be sharing any recipe that contains pasta: main dish, side dish, salad, soup...even dessert!

Pizza has to be my all-time favorite meal! Join us to share pizza recipes (and calzone, stromboli, and focaccia recipes) well as recipes for the components (like sauce and dough). We might also share recipes that are simply inspired by pizza (I know of one great Pizza Soup!). From scratch or using prepared products...main dishes or even desserts...all manner of pizza recipes will be shared!

All manner of salads will be shared on this list! Main dish, side dish...anything "salad" goes!

If you eat it on bread, in a tortilla, on rolls, or in a's shared here!

All manner of side dishes will be shared here: veggies, beans, grains, dinner breads, condiments, etc.! If you'd eat it along with the main course, it'll be here!


Recipes that derive nothing from the animal kingdom...join us to see what the plant kingdom has to offer!

All kinds of recipes that contain no flesh, fish or fowl. Recipes may be vegan, but may also contain dairy or eggs.

The Original Lists at Cooking-Lists, Food-Lists & YahooGroups
Enjoy making bread and other baked goods in your bread machine? Join us for recipes and tips on bread machine baking.

Love to clip and collect recipes from newspapers and magazines? We'll be sharing our favorite tried-n-true clippings, as well as hot-off-the-presses recipes from the most current issues of magazines and newspapers. PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY high volume list, with over 40 posts per day.

Join and share cookbook recipes and reviews.

Do you enjoy cookbooks, and would you like to get some of your collection saved on your computer? If so, this list may be for you! Each list member chooses a cookbook (or book with recipes)...and copy-types 10 recipes per month from it, until all the recipes are formatted. Participation is required! No special recipe software needed. All you need is an e-mail client and perhaps a word processor/text editor!

Feel like you're stuck in a cooking rut? Collect recipes, watch cooking shows...but rarely deviate from your favorite recipes? This list is for you! We'll have challenges that encourage you to try new recipes from cookbooks, TV, magazines, and well drag out languishing appliances and work through your pantry. Let's get cookin'!

Have a crockpot...and just love it...but find yourself stuck in a rut with what you prepare? Or is your crockpot collecting dust...and you'd like to dig it out for the convenience it could provide? On this list we share favorite or just-found recipes and help each other with crockpot questions.
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Love to watch food programs on television? Have you ever transcribed a recipe from the radio? If so, come share the recipes and chat about the shows and their stars.

Are you trying to eat healthier, either because you know you should or for medical reasons...but just won't give up great tasting food? Join us to share articles and recipes that will help us eat healthier...and eat well!

Come share recipes/tips for sweet and savory baked goods: cakes, pies, pastries, cookies/bars, bread, muffins, bagels, etc. These can be simple or complex, fully from scratch or using some pre-packaged ingredients.

Cooking isn't just about recipes! Join us to receive all manor of cooking information, ideas, tips and tricks.

Just Clipping Recipes
An owner-post-only list of JUST the recipes from the Clipping-Cooking list. We're starting back at the beginning of posts the original list.

Do you like to use Mastercook software to organize your recipes? Join us and share any recipe you like...or share your collection along with our daily themes.You can participate even if you don't have Mastercook! The posted-monthly file of Tips, Hints, and Tricks for Formatting for Mastercook includes the you-don't-need-the-software Generic Format. Any Mastercook-importable recipe is acceptable at any time!

Join and share any dish that contain meat: beef/veal, poultry, pork, lamb, game, and seafood. We'll also swap any tips and tricks for preparing meat.

For those of us who are bored to death with cereal for breakfast! If you're tired of the same thing over and over and over every morning, this is the place for you! We welcome any and all breakfast and brunch recipes, including breads, coffees, eggs, hot cereals, and anything you'd like to eat or do eat for breakfast. Recipes, requests and questions about recipes are allowed.

Do you enjoy cookbooks, and like putting recipes in Mastercook format? If so, this list may be for you! Each list member chooses a cookbook (or book with recipes)...and formats 10 recipes per month from it, until all of the recipes are formatted. Participation is required!

Do you enjoy cooking magazines, and like putting recipes in Mastercook format? If so, this list may be for you! Each list member chooses a magazine with recipes...and formats 10 recipes per month from it, until all of the magazines recipes are formatted. Participation is required!
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A list for recipes...of any sort! I started the list so I could share recipes that didn't fit the descriptions of my other lists...and recipes that I think just sound GOOD. Just for fun, we have daily themes to encourage one and all to post. Join the fun...and share recipes you think sound yummy!

Join to share and request recipes from your favorite eating establishments: restaurants, diners, inns, spas, B&B's, hotels, cafes, delis, foodie stores, etc...basically any place the public can eat. We aren't stuffy here... Share anything from any restaurant, from the Olive Garden to the tiny bistro down the street. Since chefs and cooking schools/academies form the backbone of restaurant cooking, recipes from those sources are acceptable here as well.
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Do you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to preparing side dishes with dinner? Tried-N-True plain rice, steamed carrots with butter, iceberg lettuce salad with bottled dressing, etc? Let's add a little variety to our side side dishes! Simply-Sides is for sharing recipes for side dishes: vegetables, pasta, beans, rice, salads, breads/muffins, etc. If you serve it along with the main dish, it's a side!

Subscribe and share soup and stew recipes....of any sort! From Great Aunt Bessie's Potato Soup to the latest one you saw in Taste of Home. They can be of any cooking preparation...stovetop, crockpot, dutch oven, etc. You can even send in ways you alter canned or packaged soup to make it really good...or recipes that use soup as an ingredient. So long as it is about soup or's on topic here.

Do you find yourself cooking more and more vegetarian dishes and meals? Or are you a full-time vegetarian? On this list, we'll share vegetarian dishes, for vegetarians of all types (lacto, ovo, vegan)...that will also appeal to non-vegetarians who realize the importance of vegetable, fruit, grain, and legume dishes in a well-rounded diet. This list is just for recipes and discussion of vegetarian cooking. It is NOT a forum for vegetarian advocacy or any discussions relating to vegetarianism beyond recipes, cooking, and diet.

Do the flavors of the world's cuisines excite your tastebuds and make you want to get cookin'? Join this list for inspiration from the world's ethnic, regional, religious, and national cuisines!

The "Dislikes" Lists
at GoogleGroups

I started these "Dislike" lists at GoogleGroups so I could clear my Inbox of recipes I can't use because of allergies or family dislikes. Rather than just deleting the recipes...I thought I might as well share!



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